New at BIM

Feb 10, 2016

"Facelift" for marketing tools

The marketing instruments used for the image and product advertising of BIM Textil-Service GmbH received a makeover. In addition to this "facelift", there was an added focus on addressing all (potential) customers and that in their respective native language. This affected not only the internet presence, hence in various languages, but also product presentations as well as trade fair exhibits. Now these can be flexibly used by the employees of the branches in the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands for presentations by BIM and for BIM products.
Feb 18, 2016

"Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises" - BIM nominated

BIM Textil-Service GmbH is among those companies nominated in 2016 for participation in the competition "Grand Prize of the Medium Sized Enterprises." Due to the company's participation in the Thuringian Environmental Award and the sustainable achievements of the Thuringian textile service provider , Minister of Environment, Anja Siegesmund  proposed the nomination of the family owned medium-sized company. BIM now has the opportunity to submit the required competition documents to the jury for evaluation. "For us to compete in such a field of prominent candidates of committed and economically successful companies is a great honor," says Managing Director Martin Wagner about the nomination.  
Mar 31, 2016

3149 Water bottles saved via sustainable reusable solutions

Since the summer of 2014, the water dispensers, that have been installed in three areas of BIM Textil-Service GmbH, have proven their worth. "Since every employee has been equipped with a suitable free of charge reusable water bottle we have been able to ensure a continuous supply of fresh drinking water in various qualities to our employees," explains Managing Director Martin Wagner. The challenge was in determining how many bottles of drinking water could be saved by using the dispensers. Since February, information has been provided via the dispensers counter. The two-month balance: A total of 3149 bottles.
Apr 19, 2016

BIM is again a participant in the NAT-Roaming Exhibition

Minister of Environment, Anja Siegesmund and President of the State Parliament, Christian Carius, opened the NAT Roaming Exhibition 2016 in the Thuringian Parliament. This is the 4th participation in the exhibit for BIM Textil-Service GmbH. Since 2009, the company has been continuously involved in the Sustainability Agreement  of Thüringia. "With the implementation of an environmental management system several years ago, we took the important steps toward a sustainable company policy. But sustainability is more than just ecological improvements. Our goal is to combine economic and social objectives with ecological activities. Over the past few years an unknown sensitivity for environmental problems have developed. Careful handling of natural resources is particularly important to us! ", Says Managing Director Martin Wagner. On the current display panel, the company’s focus is on concrete environmental objectives and planned potential savings within the company.
Apr 21, 2016

Load securing is becoming increasingly more demanding

"Load securing is becoming increasingly more demanding".  It is about the safety of personnel and transported goods alike. Our drivers assume a great deal of responsibility, "stressed Managing Director Martin Wagner. The employees of the motor pool were once again invited to one of the regular security training courses. Klaus Peter Apel of the ASZ Arbeitsschutzzentrum (OHS Center) in Thuringia instructed the BIM truck and sprinter drivers in regards to the subject of load securing. Regular security training forms the solid basis of BIM's quality work as a certified textile service company.
May 20, 2016

"Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises" - BIM reaches final round"

BIM Textil-Service GmbH has mastered the "jury stage" of the "Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises". This is just another step after the successful nomination towards the Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises. Thus, BIM qualified itself for the September final round, and the crowning of the victor and honoring the other finalist.
Jun 28, 2016

Training-Navi helps with the right career choice

In general, navigation devices guide us to our desired destination.  That what functions in automobiles and on trips can also help in the selection of the correct career choice.  But even here the following applies.  The "Navi" is only as good as the inputted data.  For this reason, BIM Textil-Service GmbH in addition to a variety of other measures regarding occupational orientation is represented in every issue of the Training-Navi for the Wartburg and Rotenburg counties.  With this, BIM reaches out to around 2,500 pupils in Thuringia and Hesse that are on their way to their (dream) job and the correct training company.
Jul 14, 2016

BIM soccer team continues its participation

At one time, BIM supported the soccer field facility of the Blumensteinschule in Wildeck-Obersuhl as a sponsor, since then BIM traditionally participates in the annual tournament when the hobby teams gather to play, as it was on the 14th of July. A certain kind of special: As in every year, the "WerksElf" (PlantsEleven) is energetically supported by their fellow colleagues that represent the so called 12th man with their optical and acoustical presence. Therefore, players and fans are always winners.
Aug 1, 2016

Three trainees begin their training at BIM

Start of training in 2016 at BIM Textil-Service GmbH:  Since the 1st of August, three further trainees belong to the BIM team for cleanliness.  Dorian Trieschmann (left) and Cedric Fichtner (re) are learning the profession of machine and system operators.  Philipp Ganzer is training to be an industrial salesman. We wish our trainees a good start and much success in their training!
Sep 10, 2016

Professionals of tomorrow recruited

The Saturday of the second weekend in September is traditionally reserved for the job-fair at the Blumensteinschule in Obersuhl (BSO) and is therefore an important date for BIM Textil-Service GmbH in regards of recruiting tomorrow's skilled workers. "If we want to work with well-trained specialists in the future, it is of the utmost importance to maintain regular contact with the regional schools," says Managing Director Martin Wagner.  For many years, it has been self-evident that former and current trainees of BIM make themselves available for the job-fair in order to answer the various training related questions from pupils that attend the event.  This year, the apprentices Daniel Schwarzkopf and Dorian Trieschmann (right) were present, as well as production manager Stefan Braun (middle), who after his training, employment and personal development at BIM has moved into a leadership position.