Cloth Towel Rolls - Cleanliness from the Roll

With this you make a hygienic impression.

Cloth towel rolls are indispensable in the sanitary areas of all industries. We supply you on a regular basis and exchange the used cloth towels in your company for clean ones. As a facility in industry and gastronomy, you can thus ensure a clean and hygienic impression with your employees, customers and guests.

The towel dispenser and soap dispenser are part of a rental service contract with BIM. We deliver the cloth towels in white, if required also in blue checkered.

Our BIM Fabric Towel Rolls

  • 100 % cotton
  • 21 cm x 35 m (width x length)
  • 27 cm x 40 m (width x length)
  • White or Blue Checkered
  • Additionally:

    Soap cream, toilet paper and fragrance gel in a dispenser

Integra Ellipse — Video-Tutorial

Integra Ellipse is Kennedy's best-selling cotton roll towel dispenser. The extremely robust and reliable hand drying system is also ideal for busy washrooms.

Integra provides hygiene, is easy to service and environmentally friendly, while ensuring hand drying comforts users are accustomed to at home The consumable used with the Integra, the cotton towel, is a natural, biodegradable product, making this system an environmentally friendly option.

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VISIO 800 Video-Tutorial

Here's how to make sure the roll swap works. Watch the tutorial for instructions based on the VISIO 800.

If you have any questions about the fabric towel dispenser, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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