Modern Washing & Environmental Technology in Our Own Laundry

This is how we can professionally implement your customer orders.

The BIM Circuit

  • The BIM Circuit is a closed-loop process for the environmentally compatible cleaning of textiles containing harmful substances, especially cleaning cloths with solvent residues.
  • This loop reliably ensures consistently high quality.

Cleanliness as a Service

BIM is committed to cleanliness as a service. We work with innovative technology Two state-of-the-art washing lines, the environmentally friendly water recovery system, a regenerative afterburning system and the BIM circuit guarantee our performance as a modern textile service provider and at the same time form our stable basis for working with customers and suppliers.

Our washing process ensures efficient use of water, detergent and energy that is optimally geared to the material being washed. This protects the environment and our natural resources.

The BIM Washing Process Is Based on The Closed-Loop Principle

  • The textile to be washed is supplied with the necessary detergents and washing aids via a computer-controlled metering system, as is the water.
  • Following the washing process, the washing water is thermally and biologically treated in such a way that it is returned to the washing cycle as purified water. The washing process is thus wastewater-free.
  • The exhaust air from the washing process is recovered as energy and fed back into the process (washing line, dryer) as steam for heat recovery.
  • Excess exhaust air is released into the environment as clean air by treating it in a thermal after-burning system. Exhaust air from the drying process is used for heat recovery for the dryer. Excess exhaust air is released into the environment as clean air after treatment in a regenerative after-burning system.