The Drumcorps BIMotion

The Drumcorps BIMotion exists since October 2016 and goes back to the initiative of founder and bandleader Niklas Wagner, who played in drumlines in the USA himself and brought the idea to Hesse.

Interested musicians were quickly found and inspired for the project, as was the main sponsor, the Gerstungen-based company BIM Textil-Service GmbH, which even partly became the name giver.

Today, the drum corps BIMotion has 18 members between the ages of 12 and 40.

Support from BIM

Since the founding phase, the main sponsor BIM has stood by the drum corps.

For the young musicians this was an important support at that time, after all, making music and traveling also brought considerable expenses - for the equipment with instruments and accessories, for the performances, the trips to the venues with several vehicles, including fuel costs but also driving services and organizational support helped the drum corps members a lot.

BIM also sees a social aspect for the Wildeck community behind the commitment. All musicians work on a voluntary basis and make an important contribution to prosperous youth work in the community. When BIMotion is on the road, the drum corps does the best advertising for the hometown and has long since become a musical figurehead.

The BIMotion Stage Show

The musical skills of the BIMotion musicians and their enthusiasm are paired with impressive choreographies and precisely executed movements - including athletic interludes. The stage show of the drum corps becomes more and more sophisticated. With their percussion and effect instruments, the drummers play their way through the program - in formation, but also as soloists. They deliberately stage demanding or very loud parts and then again use the effect of sudden standstill.

Experience BIMotion in action

Drumcorps BIMotion

The young percussion band complements the region's musical offerings with a form of entertainment that has never existed before - and also appeals to a large, all-ages audience.

Musically, the titles come from the pop and house genres. Half of the songs are penned by Niklas Wagner. "With the original compositions, we want to create our own distinctive style for the long term."

Would you like to book BIMotion for your event?

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