BIM Dirt Absorption Mat - Always a Clean Welcome

Because there is no second chance for the first impression.

The Fact Check on the BIM Dirt Absorption Mat

  • Pile material: High Twist Nylon (100 % polyamide 6), pile weight 650 g/m²
  • Pile height: ca. 8 mm
  • Backing: Nitrile rubber coating, thickness approx. 1.4 mm
  • Total mat height: ca. 10 mm
  • Total weight: 2500 g/m²
  • Water absorption: ca. 3 to 4 liters per m²
  • Electrostatic behavior: very low electrostatic charge, contact resistance 2.2 x 1011 Ohm, according to DIN 54345
  • Oil resistance (nitrile rubber backing): very good
  • Fire resistance according to Bfl-s1 (according to DIN EN 13501): flame retardant (on request at extra charge)

Thanks to Dirt Absorption Mats from BIM - whether design mats, logo mats or runners - you can provide your customers with a clean and safe entrance to your company at any time of the year.

Dirt and moisture remain in the dirt absorbent mat and thus "outside". Your business premises are always well-kept. Your floor coverings are visibly protected. BIM Dirt Absorption Mat also retains dust particles. This ensures better air quality in the entrance and passage areas and saves cleaning costs. The pile of BIM Dirt Absorption Mat is made of a particularly high-quality nylon yarn. The fiber structure provides a very large surface area for dirt to accumulate and moisture to evaporate quickly. Due to the special coating on the back of the mat, BIM Dirt Absorption Mats lie on the floors in a non-slip and wrinkle-free manner.

This round-the-clock cleanliness also increases safety for your employees and customers - from the street to the entrance to the offices and to the production areas in your company.

The Standard Dirt Absorption Mat - A Clean Thing

The gray floor mats are quality mats from German production. Utilized as a neutral floor overlay, they protect your floor coverings, provide clean entry and an impeccable appearance for your company. Cleaned in BIM's complete service, delivered and laid out on a rotating basis, standard mats are a clean solution for every BIM customer.

Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have about BIM Dirt Absorption Mats and the BIM complete service.

The Logo Mat - Image Carrier for Your Company

With your company logo or lettering, also as a design mat, the BIM Dirt Absorption Mat becomes an image carrier for your company. Safety and cleanliness are positive messages to your customers and visitors, ones which you send out with a BIM Dirt Absorption Mat when they enter your business.

Our customer service representatives are available to answer all your questions about our products and the BIM complete service.

We offer our rental service customers the mats and runners in the following standard sizes

85 x 90 cm

85 x 150 cm

85 x 300 cm

85 x 400 cm

115 x 200 cm

150 x 250 cm

Custom sizes are possible up to a maximum of: 200 x 500 cm.
Dimensional deviations: ±1.5 %

The Mat Service - The Environmentally Friendly Solution

BIM Dirt Absorption Mats are gently cleaned using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology and a specialized washing process. Our cleaning system guarantees economical use of energy, water, cleaning agents and detergents and avoids the formation of residues.

Our environmental and quality certifications prove that we clean and maintain your floor mats to the highest standard and in accordance with applicable European norms.

The BIM Rental Service - The Plus for Our Customers

We offer our BIM Dirt Absorption Mats and Runners as a rental service. Speak to our customer representatives! The BIM staff will be happy to determine your needs for Dirt Absorption Mats and to note your individual wishes. Afterward we will take care of everything else for you.

In the rental service, you will receive freshly cleaned BIM Dirt Absorption Mats from our service driver at the replacement frequency agreed upon.

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