New at BIM

Jun 28, 2016

Training-Navi helps with the right career choice

The current issues for the graduating class of 2017 were sent to the pupils in June.  The Training-Navi offers an overview of occupations and training companies, it also shows possibilities in the region and how young people can find a training company.

"In order to achieve our ambitious goals at our location, now and in the future, we rely on well-educated young specialists," explains BIM Managing Director Martin Wagner.  Being a part of the Training-Navi plays an important role as does the support of school-based vocational orientation at the schools in the region in the form of internships for pupils and participation in the Girls Day. "At an early stage the work-world should be realistically portrayed to pupils so that they know the job opportunities that are available to them in the region.

Promoting training possibilities at BIM: the BIM trainees Manuel Lumme, Daniel Schwarzkopf and the new specialist, Mandy Peternell (front. left.).