New at BIM

Apr 21, 2016

Load securing is becoming increasingly more demanding

One number is alarming: Studies have shown that around 70% of all of the transported goods in Germany do not comply with the provisions for load securing and thus create millions in damages which could be avoided. Loading personnel as well as those responsible persons in the companies are often insufficiently trained and over-tasked. Load securing is becoming more and more demanding nowadays, it must often be calculated as well as strategically planned in the case of reoccurring and similar cargo types.

For the previous mentioned reasons and moreover the responsibility for personnel and transport, regular training courses are held at BIM. Some of the main focal points of the training are:

  • Application of relevant laws, standards and guidelines
  • Load securing possibilities for solids, liquids and packaged loading units
  • Dimensioning of load securing measures
  • Design and capacity of various vehicles
  • Loading with hydraulic tailgate lifting
  • Implementation of tension belts and locking beams