Tailor-made solutions – according to customer’s demand

  • Provision and maintenance of clothing
  • Repair and alteration at no charge
  • Thoroughly professional advice
  • A “tailor-made” solution in the truest sense of the word
  • Image characterization and image benefit with your customers

Rental model – Use a lot of customer benefits!

Rental model – Use a lot of customer benefits!

The system of the working clothes service is not only cost-effective and flexible, but with regard to environmental health, it also outclasses conventional methods, such as washing working clothes at home or at work.

Commercial laundries consume considerably less water, detergent and energy compared to private washing machines. Pre-cleaning stages and the closed cleaning system also enable a significant impact reduction on wastewater. In addition, solid waste disposal can occur in a more environmentally friendly way compared with decentralized solutions.

This is why we maintain our patented BIM circle.

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Clothes that radiate visible cleanliness in the kitchen and service area in six different colors.

Hotel & Gastronomy Industry

Not just nearly clean, but really clean

Cleanliness and hygiene, expertise and friendly appearance are the alpha and omega in the entire service sector. Let us share the tasks. Your company stands out by providing professional technical competence and distinctive charisma. We support you with a perfectly groomed outfit for your service staff in kitchen, restaurant, hotel office and housekeeping. Our specialized washing procedure enables us to have a direct influence on the high levels of cleanliness and hygiene of working clothes from the service and food sector.

We offer you fashionable, well-coordinated ensembles for your service and office staff. The clothing is characterized with functionality and high wearing comfort. Your chefs and cooks can convince themselves. We combine comfortable cuts, skin-friendly and breathable material with modern look.

Working clothes in which you can feel comfortable during the entire work day.

You are more than welcome to match the color of your company’s uniforms with the design of your gastronomic premises or hotel furniture.

You can select from six different colors:

Emblem service

Embroidered emblem for your "textile business card"

Does your logo and corporate color on your business documents and advertising materials provide a recognition value to your customers and the general public? If so, then you continue to characterize this image by letting us attach the same attributes on your working clothes.

In the event that direct embroidery on the textile is not possible, we produce your logo, your business lettering or your emblem within the framework of our emblem services. The emblems are produced on fully automatic embroidery machines in order to enable us to ensure a consistently high quality for each individual piece. The textile emblem will then be sewn by our staff on your selected working clothes.

Emblem service