BIM Dirt Collecting Mat –
Always ensures a customer-friendly reception

Thanks to the BIM dirt collecting mats – whether design mat, logo mat or rug – you are able to provide your customer with a clean and safe entrance area into your business premises at any time of the year.

The dirt collecting mat is designed to stop dirt and moisture "right on your doorstep". Your office premises always remain neat and clean. Your floor coverings will be visibly protected. BIM mats also retain dust particles enabling a better air quality in entrance and passage areas and saves money for cleaning.

Cleanliness around the clock increases the safety for your employees and customers – from the street to the entrance, right up to the offices and the production areas.

Facts about the dirt collecting mats offered by BIM

  • Pile material: high-twist nylon (100% polyamide 6),
    pile weight 650
  • Pile height: approx. 8 mm
  • Back coating: nitrile rubber coating, thickness approx. 1.4 mm
  • Overall mat height: approx. 10 mm
  • Total weight: 2,500 g/m²
  • Width of finished sides: approx. 20 mm
  • Water absorption: approx. 3 to 4 liters per sqm
  • Electrostatic behavior: very low level of electrostatic charge,
    contact resistance
    2,2 x 10¹¹ ohms, according to DIN 54345
  • Oil resistance (nitrile rubber coating): excellent
  • Fire resistance according to Bfl-s1 (according to 13501),
    hardly inflammable (available on request at additional charge)

Standard Dirt Collecting Mat – A clean affair

The gray floor mats are quality mats, produced in Germany. Being used as a neutral floor covering, it protects your floors, provides a clean entrance area and impeccable appearance of your company. Standard mats are cleaned within the framework of the complete service provided by BIM, delivered and laid in the rental service and represent a clean solution for every BIM customer.


Logo Mat - Image carrier of your company

The BIM dirt collecting mat, furnished with your company logo or an inscription, is also available as design mat and serves as an image carrier of your company. Safety and cleanliness are positive messages to customers and visitors immediately upon entering.
Our knowledgeable client advisors are pleased to answer all of your questions in terms of door mats and the complete service provided by BIM.




The environmentally friendly solution

BIM dirt collecting mats are gently cleaned, using the latest state-of-the-art technology during a special cleaning procedure. Our cleaning system ensures an economical use of energy, water, cleaning detergents and washing agents and prevents the formation of residues.
Our environmental and quality certifications proof that we are cleaning and maintaining your floor mats in accordance with the applicable European standards.


The BIM Rental Service – the special benefit for the customer

We provide you with our mats and rugs within the framework of our rental service and we take care of everything else. According to the replacement rhythm agreed, our service driver will supply you with freshly cleaned dirt collecting mats. 

Please contact our customer service representatives. It will be their pleasure to determine your mats requirement and to receive your individual requests.

The floor mats and rugs are provided to our rental service customers in standard sizes

fussmatte-85x90.png fussmatte-85x150.png fussmatte-85x300.png fussmatte-85x400.png fussmatte-115x200.png fussmatte-150x250.png

Special sizes are available up to a maximum size of 200 x 500 cm. Dimensional deviations: +/-1.5%