Working clothes

A clean and neat appearance of your employees represents competence and inspires customer’s confidence.

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Industrial cleaning cloths

Clean equipment and tidy workspaces decisively determine the quality of your products.
We provide you with the cleaning cloth to meet your specific cleaning requirements.

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Mat service

The entrance to your business premises is your business card. Robust BIM dirt collecting mats - plain or with your company logo - keep your high quality floors clean.

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Textile Rental Service – Ensuring a high degree of individuality!

Use our textile rental service for your company by renting your company-specific working clothes with us instead of purchasing them. Have all of your employees wearing the same uniform. Hence, you will externally create a professional appearance of your business and furthermore, ensure protective and functional clothing for your employees, no matter where they are employed within the company, whether in the workshop area, service or reception.


Towel rolls 

Towel rolls ensure hygiene in your sanitary facilities. Our service offering portfolio includes accessories such as towel dispensers, soap dispenser and toilet paper dispensers.

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Available 24 hours a day!

With our new online catalog, we provide you with a 24-hour ordering service.

Simply select the desired item, complete the ordering process and then we will immediately deliver your ordered item to you.

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Just place your order – and we will take care of the rest:

  • Provision and maintenance of clothing
  • Comprehensive professional advice
  • Providing the best tailor-made solution for each individual case of every single employee

Just place your order – and we will take care of the rest

Everything from a single source!

Our customers enjoy complete service from a single source: From developing, producing or purchasing and delivering of working clothes, regular pick-up service, washing, cleaning and repairing, on-time delivery of clean textiles right up to replacing and environmentally sound disposal of discarded clothing.

Save time and relieve your staff

This is the way that enables your company to save time, relieve your staff and furthermore, improve your image by a positive appearance. Last but not least, the decision in favor of a professional work clothing service is an active contribution to environmental protection, since we wash and maintain work clothes in a rational and gentle way for your textiles and the environment by using the latest technology.