• Cleaning clothes can be perfectly stored in the BIM Roll Container®


The perfect accessory along with our cleaning cloths


We are able to offer a space-saving solution with the BIM roll container®. The BIM roll container® has been developed practically oriented for the collection and transportation of contaminated cleaning textiles.

This enables you to easily collect and store your rented cloths.

Different coloured BIM roll container® lids simplify sorting and storage. The BIM roll container® is equipped with wheels and, even when full, the container can be easily moved by the employee during the working process.



The mobile BIM Roll Container® - The clear advantages:

  • best handling since the BIM roll container is delivered on a pallet
  • effective use of space on the pallet since it is 4-times stackable
  • high dimensional stability and high-quality material (GGVS / ADR tested)
  • airtight-locking lids
  • lids in various colors simplify sorting
  • unit equipped with foot pedal for convenient lid opening (separately)

BIM Roll Container®

Plastic container with wheels



Holding capacity: 250 liters

59 x 59 x 88 cm, including lid

700 cleaning cloths or 100 oil cloths

BIM Antistatic Roll Container®

Plastic container with wheels made of antistatic material, Color: black, electrical surface resistivity <106 ohms.



Holding capacity: 250 liters

59 x 59 x 88 cm, including lid

700 cleaning cloths or 100 oil cloths

Surface resistance <106 ohms

Did you already know?


Our roll containers are approved as storage container!

Occupational Safety Regulations (BG) > Operation of work equipment < (according to Occupational Safety Regulation (BGR) 500), Chapter 2.2., Item 3.1. (...) "Reusable cleaning cloths must be collected, stored and transported in tightly sealed containers after being used.”

(...) Resilient containers are, e.g. metal containers or containers made of high-molecular low-pressure polyethylene.(...)"


What’s the use of having the roll container, but not the cleaning cloths?

BIM provides you with the most suitable cleaning cloth.
We clean and maintain your rented cloths so inexpensive and environmentally friendly as you would not be able to do it yourself. BIM’s competent consulting team will support you with the selection of an appropriate rented cloth.

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