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Training-Navi helps with the right career choice

In general, navigation devices guide us to our desired destination.  That what functions in automobiles and on trips can also help in the selection of the correct career choice.  But even here the following applies.  The "Navi" is only as good as the inputted data.  For this reason, BIM Textil-Service GmbH in addition to a variety of other measures regarding occupational orientation is represented in every issue of the Training-Navi for the Wartburg and Rotenburg counties.  With this, BIM reaches out to around 2,500 pupils in Thuringia and Hesse that are on their way to their (dream) job and the correct training company.

The current issues for the graduating class of 2017 were sent to the pupils in June.  The Training-Navi offers an overview of occupations and training companies, it also shows possibilities in the region and how young people can find a training company.

"In order to achieve our ambitious goals at our location, now and in the future, we rely on well-educated young specialists," explains BIM Managing Director Martin Wagner.  Being a part of the Training-Navi plays an important role as does the support of school-based vocational orientation at the schools in the region in the form of internships for pupils and participation in the Girls Day. "At an early stage the work-world should be realistically portrayed to pupils so that they know the job opportunities that are available to them in the region.

Promoting training possibilities at BIM: the BIM trainees Manuel Lumme, Daniel Schwarzkopf and the new specialist, Mandy Peternell (front. left.).