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Professionals of tomorrow recruited

The Saturday of the second weekend in September is traditionally reserved for the job-fair at the Blumensteinschule in Obersuhl (BSO) and is therefore an important date for BIM Textil-Service GmbH in regards of recruiting tomorrow's skilled workers. "If we want to work with well-trained specialists in the future, it is of the utmost importance to maintain regular contact with the regional schools," says Managing Director Martin Wagner.  For many years, it has been self-evident that former and current trainees of BIM make themselves available for the job-fair in order to answer the various training related questions from pupils that attend the event.  This year, the apprentices Daniel Schwarzkopf and Dorian Trieschmann (right) were present, as well as production manager Stefan Braun (middle), who after his training, employment and personal development at BIM has moved into a leadership position.

For BIM as a regional company, it is not only important to be a cooperative partner of the school, but moreover as a training company for school graduates and later as a regional employer. "We are extremely pleased when we can offer young people from the Blumensteinschule a chance to not only learn at our company, but then also  find their jobs," says Martin Wagner. Therefore, it is no surprise, that the three who were present at the job-fair form a BSO "Alumni Team".  Doritha Rudschewski, the BSO Director is extremely pleased with this fact, as well as the fact that many of the 30 exhibiting companies at the job-fair also come to Obersuhl with their trainees. BIM was one of the first companies to participate in the job-fair with trainees. In recent years other companies have joined BIM with their participation at the job-fair. "The young people are speaking to each other on the same level and are not shy in asking questions. Promoting this is a pleasure. Additionally", says Martin Wagner," I think it is good if our BIM employees can present their own company - and thus also their training or workplace. Working at the job-fair is for both trainees and employees alike very popular, therefore, positions are quickly filled.