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BIM is again a participant in the NAT-Roaming Exhibition

Minister of Environment, Anja Siegesmund and President of the State Parliament, Christian Carius, opened the NAT Roaming Exhibition 2016 in the Thuringian Parliament. This is the 4th participation in the exhibit for BIM Textil-Service GmbH. Since 2009, the company has been continuously involved in the Sustainability Agreement  of Thüringia. "With the implementation of an environmental management system several years ago, we took the important steps toward a sustainable company policy. But sustainability is more than just ecological improvements. Our goal is to combine economic and social objectives with ecological activities. Over the past few years an unknown sensitivity for environmental problems have developed. Careful handling of natural resources is particularly important to us! ", Says Managing Director Martin Wagner. On the current display panel, the company’s focus is on concrete environmental objectives and planned potential savings within the company.

For the 9th time, the office of the Sustainability Agreement Thuringia (NAT) has organized a roaming exhibition regarding the subject of sustainable business in Thuringia. This year a total of 18 participants from the network will present themselves and their implemented sustainable achievements. Minister of Environment, Anja Siegesmund and President of the State Parliament, Christian Carius, opened the exhibition on the 14th of April, 2016 in the Thurigian Parliament in Erfurt. Following the opening of the exhibition, new and returning participating companies were admitted into the NAT which thereby increased the number of participating members to 450.

Under the motto "Sustainable Economic Activity in Thuringia", a total of 18 NAT companies presented their implemented measures. The most important information about the exhibition can be found in the accompanying booklet, which informs those interested about the roaming exhibition itself, its participants and locations. This year, the exhibition can be seen at a total of 12 companies, technical colleges and public or business institutions. Besides the opening at the Thuringian Parliament, there will also be various local openings.

In the Thuringian Parliament, the NAT roaming exhibition remained open until the 29th of April, 2016, after which it moved to the NAT participant site of the ADAC Driving Safety Center Thuringia in Nohra. The current information booklet as well as further information about the exhibition can be found at: