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3149 Water bottles saved via sustainable reusable solutions

Since the summer of 2014, the water dispensers, that have been installed in three areas of BIM Textil-Service GmbH, have proven their worth. "Since every employee has been equipped with a suitable free of charge reusable water bottle we have been able to ensure a continuous supply of fresh drinking water in various qualities to our employees," explains Managing Director Martin Wagner. The challenge was in determining how many bottles of drinking water could be saved by using the dispensers. Since February, information has been provided via the dispensers counter. The two-month balance: A total of 3149 bottles.

Available to the BIM staff at the dispensers is water of the finest quality, treated via a micro-filter basis and available in five versions - hot, cold, chilled, non-chilled and chilled with carbonation. Filled into the reusable blue water bottles of the employee, they can now be taken to the workplace. This sustainable reusable-idea results in an improvement in the work environment of the employees.