Safety at work influences company practices

BIM GmbH has successfully established management systems in the areas of occupational safety, environmental safety, quality assurance and health protection and is regularly issued with certification.

Forerunner BIM GmbH

In 2008, BIM GmbH was the first company in the textile sector (Professional Association Electronics Textiles Precision Mechanics (formerlyBGETF)) to introduce the Occupational Safety ManagementSystem OHSAS, for two BIM group plants. Hence, BIM was a pioneer for other companies in this sector.

By using this integrated management system, we are able to provide evidence on a voluntary basisof the sustainable and reliable way with which our operating processes meet the requirements of occupational safety (safety at work, health protection, plant security, emergency preparedness and response).


Safety ManagementSystem OHSAS


An overview of our
company standards onoccupational safety

  • Our company management provides all means necessary
    for the protection ofhealth and safety, occupational safety and environmental protection.
  • Each manager is directly responsible for the health and safety of employees, safe condition of work materials and environmental protection.
  • Each BIM employee is responsible for his/her own safety and health and for carrying out the tasks assigned in accordance with safety requirements.

BIM Safety at Work Policies

BIM group occupational safety policies aim to continually improve safety at work for all employees and in all areas. Occupational safety is a task to be addressed by company management, managers and employees.

Everyone has an equal measure of responsibility when implementing occupational safety measures on a daily basis. Everyone has the obligation to point out known hazards and has the right to have potential hazards removed.

The health and safety of our employees is an integral part of our company goals and ispart of management responsibility. The General Manager himself is the driving force behind this continually guided process.



Occupational safety contributes directly to work quality,
and we take care of it accordingly.

  • In order to ensure general safety in the company, workplaces, production machinery,
    buildings and road areas are designed for safety.
  • BIM workplaces are designed in such a way that the safety and health of our employees is unimpaired. Preventive measures have priority.
  • Computer workplaces are equipped with comfortable ergonomic office chairs, which support the back. Modern TFT computer screens with shading elements enable glare-free working.
  • After a survey held amongst employees on the existing sitting workplaces, BIM also had
    standing workplaces fitted in the sewing workshop to provide a variety of working positions.
  • All workplaces in production areas have adequate lighting.
  • All workplaces on trucks(tractor-trailer and articulated trucks) have been equipped with
    roof safety air bags (RSAB) providing protection against the formation of water and ice sheets on the tarpaulin roof.
  • A healthy workforce is vital for effective performance in the workplace and a
    low level of absence – BIM therefore regularly supports health promotion measures forits employees.
  • All employees wear personal protective equipment at work, provided by the company free of charge.
  • The BIM group provides all employees with individual training on “occupational safety”.
    In addition, training sessions and further education classes are regularly heldat specific work areas.