BIM cleaning cloths –
certified products from our own weaving mill

We specialise in the manufacture of cleaning cloths for use in industry, crafts and trades and produce the cloths in our company’s own weaving mill. All BIM cleaning cloths meet the requirements of DIN 61651 and are certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

The materials BIM uses for manufacturing the industrial cleaning cloths are of the same standard – yarns made from a cotton-polyester mixture in plain white, red, green and blue.


Cleaning cloths are offered in different qualities:

  • BIM Basic for use in engineering, the automotive sector and in printing firms
  • BIM Tex for use in precision engineering
  • BIM Micro for use in optics and microelectronics
  • BIM Base for use as oil absorbent cloths or oil absorbing mats

Cleanliness using reusable products

In the past, cleaning cloths had to be disposed as hazardous waste due to the substances contained, such as oil, grease and paint. The trend has clearly moved towards reusable cloths which are a low-cost alternative, also being energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The reason is clear: Disposing of one-way cleaning cloths is becoming increasingly expensive and can no longer be justified for reasons of sustainability. Our reusable cloths make us the right partner for you.

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The BIM closed-cycle concept

Our patented BIM cycle offers a closed concept to our customers: from the manufacture of the cleaning cloths, to leasing the rented cloths, all the way through to the cleaning service. The rented cleaning cloths, which are regularly sent back to the company during this cycle, are washed with zero waste discharges.

After several treatment stages in two modern, electronically controlled washing plants, the processing waste water is fed back into the washing cycle.

Information on environment
and quality 

  • Our reusable cloths make us the right partner for you


Products ‚Made in Germany‘

BIM is a family-owned company in Thuringia, having its origins in Hesse. Since 1994, our weaving mill has been located at the company headquarters in Gerstungen. We had three good reasons to establish our own mill:

  • At the beginning of the 1990s, there were no more
    certified weaving mills for cleaning cloths throughout Germany.
  • BIM was able to expand the company’s range of products and services with its own products.
  • BIM filled a market niche by manufacturing cleaning cloths

In 2011, we expanded the mill’s production area and invested in additional technology, so that we can flexibly respond to increasing customer requirements in the area of cleaning cloth manufacturing.

  • Cleaning cloths ‘Made in Germany’


Process chain with high environmental standards


BIM takes its obligations as an environmentally-friendly company seriously.

  • Manufacturing processes in the weaving mill are
    certified in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 and EMAS.
  • The yarns to be processed are in accordance
    with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.
  • The company works with renewable energy which it
    generates itself.
  • Modern, environmentally friendly weaving technologies
    are used in the mill.
  • BIM has signed up to the Thuringian sustainability treaty.
  • Our own fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles transports the cleaning cloths to and from our customers.
    Vehicle services (purchase, repairs, washing) are provided
    by local firms.