• Sustainable service quality by using modern transport logistics





Our Own Transport Fleet

BIM guarantees sustainable service quality by using modern transport logistics.

By having our own company transport fleet at BIM, we ensure that all customer orders are delivered on time. Modern transport logistics are an important aspect when it comes to sustainable service quality. We have upgraded our entire vehicle fleet so that all vehicles are now environment friendly and in compliance with the Euro 5 emission standard. Here at BIM, we do not simply shoulder our responsibility for the environment in terms of our production and service processes; in each and every one of our business operations, we practice environmental awareness and are mindful of our natural resources. The vehicles are purchased, repaired, and washed within the region in order to utilize the products and services available locally.

Workplace “Vehicle”– in transit daily to BIM customers

  • Whether using a semi-trailer, a van, or a car, BIM employees are on the road every day in their vehicles headed to our BIM customers – always easily recognizable by the distinctive green
    color of all BIM vehicles and the company logo.
  • The entire BIM transport fleet consists of vehicles that conform to the Euro 5 emission standard.
  • BIM employees deliver clean and ready-to-us industrial cleaning cloths in semi-trailer
    trucks to our BIM customers in Germany and Europe.
  • BIM uses vans for domestic and regional routes to provide services to BIM customers leasing working clothes.
  • Our BIM sales representatives drive passenger cars for their visits with BIM customers. 

van open

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Safety in Focus – while driving and loading

  • At the end of 2010, we at BIM GmbH winter-proofed all of our semi-trucks and invested in an innovative product to prevent water build-up or ice sheet formation on the trailer, the ROOFSAFETYAIRBAG (RSAB).
  • All of our vehicles are on the road every single day, which is why BIM is dedicated to ensuring the highest safety level possible for our vehicles. Safer vehicles also means better working conditions for our drivers, the ones responsible for safe driving and loading while they are on the road for us.
  • In the winter of 2009/2010, we saw just what kind of danger can lie on top of truck roofs: Sometimes, sheets of ice up to two meters long and a half meter wide can fall from the tarpaulin roof. It is practically impossible for the driver to be able to remove all the pieces of ice and snow on the roof and trailer of the vehicle.
  • For this reason, BIM has equipped all semi-trailers and articulated trucks with the RSAB System. The system is made up of an air hose that inflates itself via a tube from the air pressure system, thereby opening the roof awning. The water that normally builds up in the interstices of the awning runs off instead.  Frozen water and snow are allowed to slide downwards, preventing the formation of ice sheets that could obstruct or damage the vehicles driving in the rear.


Always the most up-to-date knowledge –
Advanced training for our BIM commercial drivers

  • All BIM commercial drivers have completed the
    advanced training required by law.
  • The topics of the training events, each lasting several hours, are: “Driving Dynamics and Safety Technology”, “Economical Driving”, “Loading Safety”, “Legal Frameworks”, as well as
    “Healthy and Safe – Workplace Semi-Trailer”.
  • During a driver safety training event, the main focus is on testing the reactions of BIM drivers in simulated “dangerous situations”
    in order to practice correct driving behavior. 
  • This qualification is labeled on the driver’s commercial
    driver’s license.