BIM cyclic process

Reliable quality that protects environment and resources

Our patented BIM cyclic process enables us to guarantee a gentle and environmentally friendly textile cleaning of your work clothes, mats and towels, as well as contaminated textiles, in particular oil absorbent industrial cleaning cloths contaminated with solvent residues.

After washing, working clothes, protective and special purpose clothing are thoroughly examined by our staff and repaired if necessary, before they will be returned to our clients. The Chip System at the textile rental service ensures that even individual, personal pieces of laundry are always sorted into the linen cupboard of the correct recipient.

Our company’s quality standards at a glance

  • Environmentally friendly textile cleaning
  • Owner-managed final inspection
  • Chip system for error-free allocation
  • Self-imposed high level of environmental protection standards
  • Own cleaning cloths according to DIN 61651


Manufacturing, textile cleaning and recycling of industrial cleaning cloths

Due to the fact that the disposal of disposable cleaning cloth is becoming increasingly expensive and is not really environmentally friendly, BIM Textil Mietservice und Betriebshygiene GmbH maintains a self-imposed high level of environmental protection standards based on clear principles and entrepreneurial vision. Vision also made us decide to build a new cleaning cloths weaving mill in order to expand the range of services of our company and to close a market gap, since there were no longer any certified weaving mills for cleaning cloths left in Germany in the early 90s.

The BIM industrial cleaning cloths comply with DIN 61 651 and are offered in three different qualities for the use as oil absorbing cloth or oil absorbing mat (BIM Base) in mechanical engineering, automotive sector, print shops (BIM Basic), fine mechanics (BIM Tex), optics and microelectronics (BIM Micro).

The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a special feature of the BIM Basic cloth. 
While cleaning cloths had to be disposed in the past as hazardous waste after being used due to the ingredients contained such as oil, grease and paint, nowadays, we at BIM clean those industrial cleaning cloths even effluent-free. In our modern, electronically controlled wash system, the process waste water is returned to the wash cycle after undergoing several treatment steps.





Environmentally friendly: energy from roof

From the basement to the roof modern environmental technology is applied at BIM – even more since 2010. In this year the roofs of all production buildings were equipped with solar modules, in order to open up an environmentally friendly energy source for an environmentally conscious managed company.

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