Successful performance in the laundry and cleaning sector

Our patented BIM cyclic process enables us to guarantee a gentle and environmentally friendly textile cleaning of your work clothes, mats and towels as well as contaminated textiles, in particular oil absorbent industrial cleaning cloths contaminated with solvent residues. 

After washing, working clothes, protective and special-purpose clothes are thoroughly examined by our staff and repaired if necessary, before they will be returned to our clients. The Chip System at the textile rental service ensures that even individual, personal pieces of laundry are always sorted into the linen cupboard of the correct recipient.




BIM’s commitment is obvious in all business areas

Technical innovation, employee development, customer relations, environmental protection and resource conservation. In May 2009, this successful total concept has been honored with the award "RWin - Laundry Project of the Year 2009" that has been presented by a top-class jury of experts for the first time for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Industrial Cleaning Cloths certified according to
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Our industrial cleaning clothes are woven from cotton/polyester, yarn dyed, in plain white, red, green and blue; manufactured using materials certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.